Our Property Management Services

We’re rental property investors and construction contractors willing to help you on your journey in creating passive income and provide support in growing your portfolio, with us.

Expert Tenant Management
With over 20 years of customer support, success and tenant management experience we are here for you and your tenants.
Professional Photos & Video
Everything is sold online through Photos & Videos. A portfolio of professional photos can separate you from the rest of your market’s inventory.
Timely Payment of
Property Expenses
Would you rather us take care of making sure your expenses are paid on time? We got you covered!
Moving Inspections
Maze provides an inspector to view the property when selling or purchasing, also when tenants move in and out.
Criminal Record Check
Maze requests tenants to obtain a criminal records check from their local police department. This ensures safe and reliable tenants.
24/7 Email Availability
Maze has a property manager standing by, able to answer all questions, concerns or emergencies via email.
Rent Warranty Program
Maze offers a program that ensures the investor receives full payments of rent each month, even if a unit is not filled, or is late on payments.
Lawn Care & Snow Removal
Maze takes all the hassle away when it comes to landscaping. We provide lawn care and snow removal for all properties.
Initial Property Inspection
Maze offers a professional inspector, to come and asses the value, and anything that needs replaced/ fixed. This can ensure money is spent efficiently.
Project Management of
Renovation & Maintenance
Haven’t heard of our Construction Company yet? Through Maze you get full access to some of the best contractors Moncton has to offer for a discounted price.
Monthly Reporting
Maze will provide the investor with monthly reports on their investment, such as current tenant list, monthly income and expense sheet, repair notifications, etc.
Rent Collection
Maze ensures rent can be collected via e-transfer or we can have someone pickup cash and deliver a receipt on the day of collection.
24/7 Emergency Availability
Maze has someone on call by 24/7 in case of emergencies that could occur on the property.
24/7 Call Availability
Rest assure that someone is there for you, when you need them.
6 Month Unit Inspection
Maze will have a bi-annual, in home inspection done with all units to ensure they are maintained and kept in order.
Offer Fully Furnished Options
Maze can offer a fully furnished options to help people who travel from out of country. Fully furnished options vary in price.